Nick Decay has certainly evolved in so many ways since we first introduced him to our readers a few months back in our “Fresh Pickn’s Friday” post, and today he’s sharing with us a little treat that we’re passing along to you guys.  The Vegas resident has been dabbling more in the world of trap music recently, and is finishing up an EP called “Monster Trap” due out sometime in the next few weeks in its entirety, but we’ll provide you with a sample of the madness that is to come with the title track.  With more than enough bass, 808 kicks and 808 snares to go around for everyone, you won’t be able to avoid almost crashing your car as you try to booty twerk and drive simultaneously, like I did.  We’ll have the whole EP up for you as soon as it is ready for release, so stay tuned!

Download: Monster Trap (Gettin Ends) – Nick Decay

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