If you’ve ever stumbled upon one of my posts pertaining to my favorite collection of individuals to ever grace a stage, then you already know that I often talk about Major Lazer as a trio consisting of Diplo, Switch, and Skerrit Bwoy. Unfortunately, the OG team is no longer together with Diplo taking the reigns now as the sole provider of dancehall madness at shows. But we are happy to report that Skerrit Bwoy is back at it again and has been working on a new project now that he has allowed the light of God to enter his life. Its been many years since I’ve entered any type of religious establishment but, I’d be willing to make an exception if this was played regularly during a sermon. Enjoy mes Amis.

Download: Pon De Cross – Skerrit Bwoy x Electric Gospel
[audio http://dl.soundowl.com/3q0v.mp3]

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