Update: Due to popular demand, Lipp released a free download for his new Summer Trap Mix. Enjoy it below!

It was nothing more than a Tweet: a quick link to an interview he did with AOL’s Spinner. In it, Brooklyn’s Eliot Lipp discussed his new album, Shark Wolf Rabbit Snake, and its label, Pretty Lights Music. It’s a short conversation, and its size may be why the beatmaker decided to downplay it. However, the focus of the article is on the release of a brand new, high quality mix from Lipp. It’s titled Summer Trap Mix, and in it, he weaves together 30-minutes of impeccable atmosphere.

This mix isn’t worried about the bangers, and it stays away from the heavy vigor present on Shark Wolf Rabbit Snake. Instead, its concern is the vibe. There’s an omnipresent calmness, and even though a few high-energy tracks find their way into the mix– most notably Araabmuzik’s “Rubberband Stacks– the purpose of this release is to create a seamless flow of feeling. It’s perfect for a hot summer day, one spent relaxing, drinking, vibing. Perhaps the lack of original material (although there are a few remixes and originals from Lipp buried in here) is why he decided to downplay Summer Trap Mix, but in this writer’s opinion, the effortless 30-minute flow is an example of musical mastery.

Stream and download Eliot Lipp’s Summer Trap Mix via SoundCloud below.

Download Eliot Lipp’s Summer Trap Mix

The Shark – Eliot Lipp
Lucid Truth – Blackmill
Summer Lovin’ – Sleepyhead
Done (Don’t Luv Me No More) – Brenmar
Belly – Supreme Cuts
Who Am I – Supervision & Michal Menert
The Rabbit – Eliot Lipp
Rubberband Stacks – Araabmuzik
Jewelz (River Gbeh Remix) – Nah Like
Beez in the Trap (Eliot Lipp Remix) – Nicki Minaj
On N’ On – Eliot Lipp


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