Today is the 4th of July everybody! You know what that means – it’s time to consume a SHIT ton of alcohol and go blow stuff up in a field! Because realistically, that what America does. And you wanna know what else America does? Make DANK Moombahton! Chicago native Willy Joy (pictured above) is a pretty big name in the moombahton scene, and with his Willy Wednesdays on it’s 4th cycle I thought it was certainly worth highlighting the track that I have been bumpin’ nonstop for its mere 3 hours of life on Soundcloud. So while you maybe listenin’ to Bruce Springsteen or even a lil’ Tim McGraw to pass the day on, “Shock the System” was made to get the party going, and who doesn’t get LIVE on 4th of July?? GOD BLESS AMERICA for Willy Joy, moombahton, and fireworks!

Download : Shock the System – Willy Joy

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