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We’ve been enjoying Brighton, UK’s explosive young talent known as Dismantle for quite some time now, and it’s high time that he be introduced to everyone.  At the ripe age of nineteen, Will Knighton, he’s pretty well-known and respected among some of the biggest names in the EDM game now, but still unfamiliar to the masses.  His productions hit a wide variety of sounds, but I’d say they are mostly in the electro-house branch of our large umbrella.  The thing I find most consuming about his music is that it is both thought provoking and makes you want to rage at the same time.  His build-ups and strong synths can in one minute instill a dancing, “let’s drink more” kind of mood, and a few seconds later I stop to ponder my surroundings and the situation with the lower, bassy, calmer vibe.  He’s playing some huge shows with some big names, and will definitely be a big part of the future of electronica very soon.

Listen: More Funk (Preview) – Dismantle 

Listen: Dots – Dismantle


I may have found what I’ve been looking for in Brazilian duo, Digitaria.  What was I searching for?  I’ve been overwhelmed with the EDM world lately with ridiculous amounts of releases that seem to be meaningless, producers popping up everywhere releasing tracks that seem to be emotionless when you look at the big picture.  I mean sure, I enjoy a fun track to dance to, but that gets old very fast when meaning is lost.  Digitaria’s tracks are those kind of tracks that meld an emotion, or situation, with sounds that can define those feelings where words and endless vocabulary would falter.  Take “Crazy Life” for example, take a listen to the lyrics, I’m sure you won’t be able to say you couldn’t connect with the “feeling small” and humbled vibe that their funky, light track portrays.

Listen: Crazy Life (Original Mix) – Digitaria

Listen: Sea of Misanthropy – Digitaria

Doctor Dru

Deep Disco from Germany?   Yes, please.  That’s just what Doctor Dru is prescribing us on this sunny Friday.  This kind of deep funk features jazz samples and plenty of drums to go around.  When Doctor Dru is on, I feel like I’m in one of those music videos where I’m walking through a weird warehouse in the middle of nowhere, and all this weird stuff is going on.  Like in one room I walk by a clown riding a kid’s bike, in the next mimes trapped in imaginary boxes, and so on.  It’s a mass confusion that seems to make you feel comfortable and at home.

Listen: Anymore (Original Mix) – Doctor Dru & Adana Twins

Listen: The Voice of Dru (Preview) – Doctor Dru

Victor Abu-Ghaben

Twerk while you work if you prefer instead of whistling, a little change never hurt anyway, right?  Numerously nicknamed producer, but known to us as Abu-Ghaben, lays down some serious bass and trap sounds that are the kind that are capable of provoking mass mayhem.  I mean, imagine you’re twerking in the car and your foot slips off the brake and you smash into a tree, or you’re dancing uncontrollably and cause a fist fight because you’re flailing your arms around so fast that you by accident smack someone right across the face.  This is the kind of chaos that Abu-Ghaben creates, and I never run from a little madness on the weekends.

Listen: FBGM (ft. Bamsee) – Victor Abu-Ghaben

Listen: Booty Sweat (ft. Bamsee) – Victor Abu-Ghaben

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