+verb’s music has always interested me in ways that many other producers can’t quite touch. There’s a creativeness and originality behind the noises and melodies in his tunes that create the audio aura that is +verb.  My initial goal in this interview was to sit down and better understand this versatile producer. He then went more than the distance and offered to toss in a free 4 song Exclusive EP for the fans. Of course we said yes. So grab his new release for FREE, and read away!

Download: +verb – Fertility in Waves EP

Download: Fertility in Waves

Download : Thug Life

Download: Gogogo

Download: Trigger


TD: So +verb, who are you, and where do you hail from?

+v: I am just a guy who likes to create. I am from Buffalo, New York, but currently reside in Arizona.

TD: Before we get any further, how exactly did you come up with the name +verb?

+v: It comes from the “theory of adverb sensation” which is a term psychologists use to describe patients who see actively rather than passively. Adverbialsensationalist was a long name so it was shortened to Adverb then +verb. Maybe some day I will be called “The Artist Formerly Known As The Symbol +”!

TD: What would you say your “Mission Statement,” or goals as a producer are?

+v: Stir emotions and drive desire to move!


TD: Who or what are some of your main influences that help you to create your very creative original music?

+v: Nature is great for getting the creative juices going. Exercise is helpful too.

TD: I’m always curious as to what types of music EDM artists like yourself listen to these days. What exactly do you listen to on your spare time? Anything that isn’t exactly EDM related?

+v: I listen to a lot of classic hip hop still. I am a sucker for it. I’m also really into newer rap music, but mostly for the beats. I also like weird. I grew up listening to like Raster-Noton label and early Warp stuff. I have extremely varied likes and tastes with music so if quality exists in the production I can usually get on with the track.

TD: We’re gonna lump three pretty standard questions of ours into one here. What software/hardware do you use to produce, and what do you use in a live setting? 

+v: I use a mixture of midi and Apple computers at home. I have a real minimal setup to be honest. The sound comes out through a nice pair of monitors and a sub. When I perform I use an iPad + the Lemur iOS app. I built a custom template for it and love touch so much. I used to perform with an OHM64 but going through airport security was a drag with that. The looks people would give you were quite amusing. Traveling is much easier now with just the laptop and iPad.

TD: Besides the fact that we at The Dankles recommend it, why should one of our followers come out to one of your shows? 

+v: I play a real energetic set mixed with all originals of my work and edits of my released tracks. I am always switching up and never play the same set twice. People go out to have fun and that is what I aim to do: create an environment where fun prevails.


TD: There’s no way you haven’t seen the wave of popularity that ‘Trap’ has gained in EDM. Do you have any thoughts on what ‘Trap’ is exactly, and why people love it so much?

+v: Well sure. Trends are always coming and going in cycles. Real trap music has been around for much longer than what most people are aware. I think the reason trap influences are so popular right now is for the fact that it is different from what people are used to in the club. Heavy aggro-bass tracks kind of took over in the States for a while now and the trap influenced tracks offer an alternative to that. We reached this point with maximalist everything and producers doing “trap influenced” stuff are going back to a less is more approach. Large drums, 1-2 large synths, maybe some efx or lasers combined with chants provide a super fresh sound in the club that differs greatly from the aggro-bass that reigns supreme right now. So this is nothing new, just a recycling of the past into something modern.

TD: I’ve noticed that you’ve been producing what you like to label ‘HOLO-TRAP.’ Would you like to explain to our readers what exactly this is? How does this vary from the crunchy rhythms of your ‘CYBER-BLAP?’

+v: Hahaha yes! Nonsense really. I am not a fan of genres. I feel that if you can coax the left side of the brain to allow the right side of the brain to do what it wants with limitations aside, then the music typically comes out better. Having said that, Holo-trap is a term I coined when I started making stuff with trap influences. The HOLO part comes from the idea that these concerts are going to start having holographic Tupac and other dead singers revived and to me this was the definition of the future. Thus hologram-trap!

RTS by +verb

The term cyberblap is a style I create where I can just get super weird with the tracks. Usually a lot more sound efx than usual will exist in these tracks… a lot of jumping between double time or half time… switching between juke and hip-hop beats… Hard to explain without listening. My take on trap definitely has a grip of more real instrument influence where my cyberblap stuff is overtly synthetic. Again, these names are just jokes to be brutally honest.


TD: Let’s get into to some fun stuff for a moment. What do you like to spend your spare time doing? Any strange hobbies we should be aware about?

+v: I am no longer in college! That was a big part of my life for many years haha.

TD: Kill one. Fuck one. Marry one. Jack Nicholson. The cast of The View. Michelle Obama. GO!

+v: Violence is a no-no. My beautiful wife. I don’t like sleeping on the couch so being married once is enough, yeah? Haha.

TD: What would you like to say to the people that are calling ‘Trap’ a fad?

+v: What is old is now new and what is new is now old. Everything comes and goes in cycles.

TD: Any favorite cities or venues you particularly enjoy playing?

+v: Oh boy… a lot of places for various reasons. Arcata for going hard and always taking care of me. San Francisco for being my favorite city in the world and for having crowds that rage until 6am. Denver for having so many damn producers in the crowd and for knowing how to let loose. Salt Lake City for going big and taking care of me. These are just a few.

TD: Favorite fast food to get on tour or while traveling?

+v: Anything related to coffee. I am the biggest coffee snob I have ever come across. A cup of brew can make or break your day, for real.

TD: Favorite Youtube video?

+v: I am more of a Vimeo kind of dude. I am guilty of playing that TNGHT promo stream once or twice, per day. Haha. Oh yea, a friend showed me this recently. I loved it…

TD: Favorite EDM producer to listen to?

+v: Autechre, Boards of Canada, or Eprom.

TD: Back to informative business. I’ve noticed you’ve teamed up with fellow 710 Records artist BLEEP BLOOP. Are there other artists we can expect you to collaborate with soon? Any that you’re dying to join forces with but just haven’t reached out to yet?

+v: I actually have a few collaboration projects on go. One includes several MC’s and my beats. Expect a lot more from this effort real soon. Can not wait to share some of this stuff. I also am working with a few other projects under aliases. Collaboration is rough. Usually you have to compromise artistic vision and creative control for the final product. But if you can find somebody that you gel with in the studio then go for it! This is such a wonderful feeling.


TD: We can always expect fresh tracks out of +verb weekly on the good old Soundcloud, but is there anything big in the works that you want to give your fans a heads up about?

+v: Hmm… I always keep busy. I have several remixes out soon on various labels, various collaborations, and the MC project i previously mentioned. I think the next big thing for me will be my second release for the label Robox Neotech. They allow so much creative freedom to get as weird as you want. My first EP with them was called “Fragments” and was a lot of fun to make. I am going to bring it harder and stranger this next round. Doshy is a great person to work with. The roster is very inspirational: Damscray, NastyNasty, Stagga, Monky, Zet, Demokracy, and Lakritze always inspire me.

But before the RBX stuff I am going to have a nice package for release via 710 Records which includes 2-3 of my originals and 6 or 7 remixes. Some really great remixes have been turned in for this. The ELOQ remix alone slays!


TD: Thanks for taking your time to answer our Questions, do you have any last words or shout outs you’d like to make before we finish up?

+v: Hmm… something catchy maybe? It’s a trap! Or wait, YOLO (is this cool still?)… jokes aside, thank you for the interest in my music. Out to all the people making and consuming culture. We are doing it! Out to Annunakii who made the art for this freebie, out to Bleep Bloop who mastered the tracks, out to Dankles for great articles and sharing good music, and out to the listeners for being awesome.

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