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While getting ready to head out to day two of the festivities, the wind picked up, the sky started to darken and heavy drops of rain began to fall. Wavefront tweeted “Safety concerns due to the SEVERE THUNDERSTORM has forced us to shut down the music until the threat of lightning passes.” I was later told by one of the sound engineers that a funnel cloud had formed just south of the South Stage, but luckily made it’s way into the lake and disappeared.

By the time I arrived at the festival, the sun was beating down and they started to let people back in. No one was playing yet because they were still setting up again, but I made a bee line to the North Stage to see the start of James Murphy’s set. I spotted him by the artist trailer talking to someone with a champagne filled glass in hand, unfortunately he didn’t end up playing. Rumor has it, during Visionquest’s set the day before, the bass would make the needles jump on the turntables, thus making their set sound like shit. James caught wind of this, and added to the fact that the weather had cut into his set time anyway, he made the decision not to play. Unfortunate, but then I wouldn’t have gone to Betatraxx at the South Stage.

Photo Credit: Project Captured

I’m not going to lie, I’ve never heard of Betatraxx before. Late on the game, I know, but I was pleasantly surprised! One of the greatest things about festivals is exposure to new artists and music, and that’s exactly what happened. The crowd was steadily growing larger and larger; listening and dancing to his to techno/electro remixes and originals. After some post research I found that Betatraxx, also known as Tim Nelson and formally known as Redlight, had posted on FaceBook that he would drop 18 unreleased original tracks. He played an extra half hour because Nadia Ali hadn’t shown up, but I’m sure no one really minded because Betatraxx’s set was electrifyingly awesome.

For the next hour or so, I made my way back and forth to different stages to check out Benoit & Sergio, Milk N Cookies, Chris Lake, and John Dahlback. All of them did an awesome job doing what they do best and that’s making people dance.

Nadia Ali by Darkroom Demons

During Dahlback’s set, I spotted someone dressed in something shiny and blue as they walked 5 feet away from me; I realized it was Nadia Ali. I’ve been a fan of hers since she was in iiO so I was truly a fangirl just being in her presence. She went up the ramp to the side of the stage and had one of her dancers put on her rhinestone studded, silver Christian Louboutin pumps (I’m a girl, I notice these things) on each foot while she waited for her turn to perform. At that point, I felt like a true paparazzi, calling out her name for her to turn around so I could take pictures; she obliged by smiling and waving at everyone. John Dahlback’s set ended and a recording of Ferry Corsten’s voice boomed through the speakers introducing Nadia Ali as one of the best vocalists in electronic dance music. She took the stage with her two male dancers and began her routine singing crowd favorites such as Rapture, the Alesso edit of Pressure by herself, Starkillers and Alex Kenji, Armin Van Buuren’s Feels So Good, and Spencer & Hill’s Believe It.



Up next was the legend himself, Eric Prydz. Wearing shades, a backwards baseball hat and a black Pryda tee he began his performance with 2Night just as the sun was setting. He also played SW4, Pjanoo, Allein, a remix of Daft Punk’s Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger and a remix of M83‘s Midnight Run. No words can really describe it besides epic. Even the sound guys agreed that he was the best person on that stage all weekend because he had his sh!t together sound wise.

Duck Sauce by Darkroom Demons

Finally Duck Sauce, aka A-Trak and Armand Van Helden, took to the stage with strobe lights beneath them and a giant inflatable duck behind the decks. Green spotlights angled their beams around the crowd as repeated quacks and a voice saying ‘Duck Sauce’ echoed through the speakers while CO2 and pyrotechnics blasted up in the air. A-Trak was dressed in white jeans, a black tee, a jean vest and his signature fedora while van Helden wore a white New Kids on The Block tee, a flat brim and maroon pants. The pair started off their set with an old school disco vibe playing the Louis La Roche edit of Good 2 Me. The crowd was totally feeling the groove as Duck Sauce continued with the disco beats and everyone was wearing duck beak masks which were thrown into the audience. Other songs they played were Radio, aNYway, and ended with no other than Barbara Streisand which was accompanied by the booms and pops of the fireworks display that ended the night.

I will definitely be looking forward to next years festivities and all the EDM goodness it will bring! Big thanks to Wavefront for hooking a sista up, til next year!

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