I’ve had this puppy kicking around in my library for the past couple weeks and when it woke me up this morning I realized I had yet to share it with ya’ll. So if you have yet to have your mind warped by the likes of Troy Prokopowich & Derek Rivera (the two producers who make up The OriGinALz) you’re in for a chilled out bass voyage that varies from chilled out hip hop to heavy rib rattling bass. These two producers have a long history with music prior to joining forces, but this past year as The OriGinALz has already seen them playing at both Emissions West Coast Bass Culture festival and the 2012 Symbiosis Gathering. To be blunt, these guys are putting together some WILD glitched out bass music that’s sure to make your ears cringe (in delight of course!). The clicks and claps present in the first part of this remix reeled me in right off the bat so hopefully they do the same for everyone else today! OH and P.S. I’m tackin on another one of their tunes below too so you can get a real feel for what these guys are doing!

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