There are times when the stress of the modern world takes hold of you and keeps one from doing tasks that they might enjoy greatly. A similar event took place to me a few weeks ago which had my occupied as hell from ding what i enjoy most which is delivering new music to you! It looks like during that time, I committed a cardinal sin by not seeing the one known for producing one of our favorite records of all-time and an OG 1/3 of Major Lazer had put out another dangerous remix to another hot to trot track. If this is what Switch’s been up too all these months in the islands, then we’re in for quite the treat if he’s working on a new solo album coming out soon we hope! Find out how to get this track Bad Girls feat. Missy Elliott and Rye Rye (Switch Remix) – M.I.A ! Enjoy mes Amis

Listen: Bad Girls feat. Missy Elliott and Rye Rye (Switch Remix) – M.I.A


LIsten: What Did She Say – Switch

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