Here’s another installment of our irregular series of Moombahton tracks for your Mondays. With such a high volume of songs and artists gaining the spotlight every minute, it seems that only Flash Gordon would have both the speed and awesome hair needed to find and share each track to you all we find each and every day. So, because of my mere mortal talents and my semi-nappy style of hair, I’ve concluded that all I can do is collect some of my favorite Moombahton that I’ve found since our last installment and see if I can’t bring something new to the table for those reading to break it down to. So let’s get this booty-shakin’ show on the road!

:: Alex Supremee ::

Download : Back It Up & Show Me Love (Alex Supremee MoomBUTTon Remix) – DJ Alex Supremee

:: BIG MAKK ::

Download : HEAR ME NOW 2.0 – BIG MAKK

:: Sly Rocka ::

Download : Croo Summer – Sly Rocka

:: Mista Marcel ::

Download : Like This – Mista Marcel

:: The Infinite ::

Listen : What Is Moombahton? – George Young The Infinite

:: Viezerick ::

Listen : Moomboom! – Viezerick ft. Bombari

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