TYR, a Boulder, Colorado native, just released his phenomenal five track summer EP entitled, Nudity & Espionage.  TYR has been releasing some of his best material as of late, including an incredible remix of Dvbbs, “Drvgs”.  The EP is packed full of diverse bass music.  We have “Milk” which is like a heavy industrial sounding dubstep with some lyrics spit over it.  “A Jimi Thing” is an obvious tribute to the music man himself, Jimi Hendrix.  It infuses Jimi’s guitar licks with some heavy bass!  “Informal Survellience” is the closest thing you’ll find to a little drum and bass, and “Disconnected”, my favorite track, is just straight up good bass music.  Check them all out and download these suckers!  Then go thank TYR for these juicy treats.


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