Paper Diamond by Vlad Photography

Life in itself is filled with regret. (yes I went dark their for a minute but trust me it gets better) Whether it be missing out on an opportunity or failing to make the most of a certain situation, you all can attest to feeling this emotion and it will surely continue to happen from time to time. Due to having to go through a move, I wasn’t able to experience the spectacle that is Electric Forest this year and after hearing everyone and their mother talk about how awesome it was last weekend, I am making it my goal to make the voyage next year come hell or high water. Paper Diamond’s name was talked about at great length by our crew for putting down one of THE best sets the forest has ever seen.  His latest track, which I hope was played during his set, is everything you can expect from Paper Diamond and then some. So if you are looking for a change of bass this afternoon, look now further….because The Dankles x PD got your back! Enjoy mes Amis.

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