Well it’s Wednesday and the heat from this weeks Trap Tuesday hasn’t seemed to wear off yet. Dillon Francis just dropped a wild new trap retake on ‘Masta Blasta’ that has our viewers going wild, and I get the opportunity to bring to you MISCHIEF’S new tune ‘Azealia.’ For those of you that either dig MISCHEIF, or follow our TTT post, you may have noticed he dropped this tune in his brand new ‘THAT GRIND’ mix. Either way, the instant I heard it I couldn’t wait until he actually released the track. I dig this track because of the frequent and well timed changes MISCHIEF has incorporated into it. He regularly takes you into different realms of audio trap pleasure during the course of 4 min. As I said earlier, today has been pretty awesome in terms of musical releases, and the sun hasn’t even set yet. Add this track to your collection, and stay tuned to the Dankles for more awesome music today!

Download: Azealia – MISCHIEF


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