For a good while now I’ve been a fan of all kinds of bounce and juke music but it wasn’t until just the other day that I realized how little anyone else knew about the underground genre’s. Diplo’s track ‘Express Yourself’ featuring bounce artist Nicky Da B seemed to catch some peoples attention with it’s snappy beat and repetitive lyrics but it didn’t quite hold their attention. While clicking around my library the other day I found a juke playlist with some tunes from Juke Ellington. I got to thinking and figured why not shoot him an email to see if he would be up to talk to us and shed some light on himself & juke/footwork music. As you can probably imagine by now; he was down to chat and even shot us an exclusive free download to hook you guys up with too! Enough of me, it’s time to take a little lesson in jukin’ it up from Mr. Ellington.

TD: For those viewers who haven’t heard of you before, tell us a little about yourself.

JE: I’m 29 , from Belgium, I have been making music since 2004 , as rapper within the collective La Cronik. I listen to ghetto music since the same date, like ghetto house, hard house. I began to produce various musical styles; B-more, ghetto bass, moombah, footwork/juke, and some future bass in 2010. Last Year I joined the Hivemind & Chicago Underground Team’s. Now I’m in some other crews too : #TOMCREW (a big collective with full of big artists), 710Records (Bleep Bloop) & 700Klub (El Cucuy).

TD: For those viewers unfamiliar with your music would you like to give them a quick little run down of what juke/footwork music is? 

JE: Juke has existed since the mid-’90s, it’s a style of dance and a genre of music , this music comes from Chicago , now footwork is reaching beyond its hometown over YouTube and through local and European artists & music promoters.

TD: Considering you’re not from one of the big club music hubs in the States (Chicago, Baltimore, New Orleans) how did you wind up getting into the whole juke scene? 

JE: True I’m not from Chicago, I’m from Mons in Belgium, another country of music. I think with the electronic music, the borders fade, from Belgium or from Chicago, I’ve got the same respect from artists here, in the USA, or in Japan. It’s a real pleasure to be a member of this underground movement of the electronic music. I”ve create my place in several teams, 3 US teams and 2 US Labels , I’ve got full support from brothers from Chicago, London, Austin, and Mexico. And it’s great to have a Team like that.

TD: Did you have any big musical influences that pushed you in the direction that led to you making the kind of tunes you do today? 

JE: My influences are, US hip hop, French hip hop, 90’s ghetto house, hardcore…But I really like reggea, jazz, blues music, classical music, rock , house, techno ..
I’am really eclectic about music. Everything from the music styles are useful for inspiration, but juke/footwork & future bass or trap music are my shit!!

TD: Being from Europe have you had the chance to notice a difference in the show scene between there and over here in the States? 

JE: I’ve never played in the USA, I play July 21st in Detroit. First time for me in USA. But all i know man, in Belgium we don’t have footwork battles, we don’t have purple Drank,
we don’t have Booty Bitches that bounce their asses , and it’s really sad!!! 😀

Download: G’s is My – Juke Ellington & Malefique

TD: You’re dropping fresh tunes left and right on the web, are you just constantly at work or do you have a nice little stash to leak out to us Soundclouders? (If you don’t mind me asking that is) 

JE: Ahaha, Mhh for this moment I never stop to produce, or record one Mixtape. I don’t have work under Juke Ellington , I spend my time on production and gigs.

TD: Keeping up on your soundcloud I’ve notice you appear on a bunch of mixtapes comprised of multiple artists, any chance we’ll see a solely Juke Ellington release from you anytime soon? 

JE: Yes man, some solo EP’s, and remixes of my tunes are in the laboratory, and I have full tunes forthcomming on diverses compilations in Europe, Japan, and Usa.

  • Space In Love Remix EP Fothcomming On 7∆∆klub
  • Juke EP too on Japan Label & Us Label , Secret for the moment :)

TD: Another thing that came to my attention is that you put out way more original material than most people I see, do you have a preference between producing your own music and remixing a song made by another artist?

JE: Mhh , I really love make my own music. I can let my spirit go and make what I want. But to make a remix for someone is a satisfaction for me, if the artist like my work, and if I can make a banger for him, I make my maximum 😀

TD: Any artists in particular that you enjoy working with? 

JE: Recently I’ve worked with Malefique from Russia , 618Footwork from Holland, Merovech from Belgium, Dj akeera from Japan , I’ve remixed tunes from Immortal Technique, ChocoladeCoveredDiamonds, Bleep Bloop. Others collabs are in the lab with DJ Roc from Chicago & some dudes in trap music. I like to work with fun people, from all over the world.

TD: If you could chose one producer to collaborate on a track with who would it be?

JE: I would like to work a tune with Munchi, really I like his juke, his trap music, his moombah, to me he’s one of best producers of the year.

TD: This has become a pretty standard question of ours, what kind of equipment/software do you sit down with to produce in the studio? What about in a live show setting? 
JE: I work on Fruity Loops & Cubase, use an MPC, my computer, my hands & my mind. I use a controller for making mixtapes at home.
For live shows I use a CDJ, controllers and if I don’t have that, Serato is cool too. I began DJing with a CDJ though.

TD: Ever think about what you might be doing if you weren’t producing music?

JE: I studied art and I’ve worked as a light & sound engineer in a theatre. But my first idea was to work in the social eye, be an educator for young people or something like that.

TD: When you aren’t making beats like a madman, what are a couple thing you might be found doing in your spare time? 

JE: I spend my times with my love, my inspiration, the mother of my future baby, Baby Juke Ellington is on the way. We wait for his birth and I spend time with my mother too.
I like to party with brothers from Belgium, and I’m a fanatic of films. I watch films all day, when I wake up, when I work on my computer, and when I eat. Definitely a geek.

TD: I’m always a little curious, when you’re just kicking back and lounging who are a few producers you might toss on?

JE: I spend my time listening to Noms, Hesk, Paveun, Telife tunes, and I listen to full Original Band films when I’m alone at home, I like them, the best samples to make tunes.

TD: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, any last words for those people out there on the interweb?!

JE: Thanks to all people for support me and my music, they made my dayzzzz alll dayyzz, it’s crazy , I love you all
Thanks to dudes from my team, Hivemind, 710Records, #TOMCREW, 700Klub, Errance Records, Chicago Underground for all this support too
Thanks to all people with us for the World Wide Juke Compilation

I love you all and Let’s Juke it !!

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