Who besides Mr. Vega gives out gifts on their own birthday?  Not many, but we’re glad that we received this reverse present a few days ago when the NYC native released “When I’m Gone”, a track off his collaboration EP (which will be released soon in its entirety) with emcee OTiS CLaPP.  For me, the production of the track is quite impressive.  The introduction is easy to fade into, the drop features those wild dubstep growls that are paired with balanced out samples, the harmony is undeniable.  The age old saying, “you don’t know what you’ve got ’til its gone” and its darker side come out for me in the track with OTiS CLaPP’s hypnotic voice, it just reminds me that sometimes we all have to let go of things to move onto the bigger and brighter.  As this is just a preview of the forthcoming EP, we’re beyond excited to see what the rest of the project has in store for us, and as soon as its ready, we’ll have it up for you once the summer days draw to a close.

Listen & Download: When I’m Gone – Mr. Vega & OTis CLaPP

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