Flosstradamus by Vladimir Zaytsev Photography

Day 1

A crispy 88°, a cool lakefront breeze, and armed with a backpack full of every essential festival accessory known to man is how I started my voyage to one of the freshest festivals Chicago has to offer in the summer time. The buzz behind this years event was like nothing I’ve seen in years past and I can only assume the amount of phone calls, texts, facebook messages, and twitter mentions I received leading up to Saturday was due to the rise of electronic music this year. After pon.de.prepartying with the OG Chicago crew, we made our way to the festival right as Dark Wave Disco wrapped up their set. Though I wasn’t able to see the whole thing, the trio had the crowd warmed up and ready for the impending arrival of Sinden at the Chicago & Wood Stage.

Sinden by Vladimir Zaytsev Photography

 I’d be a lie to say that I wasn’t a bit more excited to see Sinden’s performance over Flosstradamus’s for the sole fact that our hype man Duncan Bstone has literally talked the man hailing from UK up for over a year now with good reason. Sinden graced the stage at the stroke of 7:30 and from the word go had the crowd up on their feet dancing as the sun went down. He fused a great selection of bass-heavy beats through his set with a bit of electro, moombah, and that damn trap sound ever-present. My personal favorite is when he dropped Pull Up that had the audience breakin’ all types of sweats. After a found farewell to the crowd that gave their all during his set, it was time for Chicago’s hometown heroes to grace the stage at last.


Everyone on their mother is on this new trap ish that is sweeping the nation (refer to our growing TTT posts as proof) but for us Chicagoan’s, the duo that make up Flosstradamus have been producing trap bangers since we can remember. After month’s of screaming #ITSATRAP at every show and life event that has taken place, it was good to see that Floss gave the people exactly what we were hoping for…..some real trap sh*t . As tracks like Original Don & Lana’s Theme infiltrated the crowds eardrums, I couldn’t have been happier when they played another Willy Joy’s remix to I Don’t LikeThe result of such back to back awesomeness being played resulted in people booty clappin on top of porta potties; this didn’t sit well with the police chief that was in attendance and with 15 min left from Flosstradamus’s set, THE MAN decided to shut down the performance along with the fun. But before the night wrapped, Josh stepped up on the mic to deliver a great message to the audience before we made our way to further fun at ill.Gates.


Day 2

Waking up to the sight of Wendy’s wrappers and Spoons snoring was not exactly the way I thought the day would start, but after a quick trip to my favorite breakfast spot (Milk N’ Honey) for some coffee and a sandwich, I was up and ready to conquer the day’s events. Though my original plan was to by pass visiting West Fest on Sunday, I was easily persuaded to attend another day thanks to the help of White Russians and quality hang out town with friends. Once we made our way to the fest around 5:30, I was shocked to see so many people in attendance for another round of music and good times on a Sunday, but then again, this is what Chicago is known for in the summertime. We made our way back to the scene of the crime from the previous night and saw DJ John Simmon’s on the stage playing some old school Chicago house bangers that had the crowd (which was stacked full of ladies lookin’ their Summer Sunday best) dancing during his set.


After taking a trip to see the new The Dankles headquarters all put together after the move, I made my way back to the fest to catch the final performances of 2012’s event as Derrick Carter and Mates of State played at their respective stages. With Derrick Carter being a pioneer of the underground house movement in Chicago, when he took the stage the crowd in attendance rejoiced to the sounds of what house use to be in the 90’s. Though many of the tracks were foreign to me ears, I couldn’t help feeling overcome with happiness on how my Sunday was ending witnessing a man that has helped pave the way for many of the performers we listen to today. As I sign off on this post, I greatly anticipate what West Fest has in-store for next year and would like to thank Colleen at TrafficPR, Matt & Nanette, Vlad the Photographer, and most importantly the friends I have made over the past 5 years in Chicago who came out to party with me one last time in the best city in the whole wide world. Viva The Dankles and like always……Enjoy mes Amis!


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