Meet Detz. In a culture of brief trends, oversaturation, and instant fame, it’s gotta be hard for someone like this. You see, Detz is a downtempo, ambient producer who’s making his mark in an admirably patient and authentic manner. For the last 7 months– or all of 2012– he has been releasing one track every 30 days, each of which embodies the spirit of that month. Although orbiting a soundscape aura, “January” had a sense of bitter energy and uses an electric guitar to mimic the stinging cold. “April,” on the other hand, is a bit quicker with a gentle piano riff, supporting wobble, and a blossoming vocal sample. The accuracy of the mood this young producer captures is really quite amazing.

The latest addition to Detz’s growing body of work is “June”– I’m assuming July is right around the corner. It patiently flows through a steady kick drum, haunting vocals, and pitch-perfect tone, reflecting the vibe of early summer. One can only hope an EP will be the end result of this ambitious project, which Detz is calling Seasons, but for now you can stream/download “April,” “May,” and “June” below, and check out his Soundcloud for the rest of these innovative tunes.

Download: June- Detz

Download: May – Detz

Download: April – Detz

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