Last night before crashing out I had just stumbled onto this fresh little new two track EP from our buddies Team Bayside High. Derek Berry and Rick Carrico are the duo that make up Team Bayside High and this is their first official EP they have released. Both ‘Loch Ness Monster’ and ‘Overdrawn’ incorporate all sorts of genres, from bouncy house rythmes to thumping future bass shit that is without a doubt gonna get you goin’ buck. The sound of these few tracks strays from the moombah sound these guys had been generating before dropping this EP on us. This ‘Loudpack EP’ is out on Teenage Riot Records, which is headed by Jesse F. Keeler *JFK* (of MSTRKRFT and Death From Above) and Adrian Martinez is sure to leave you dripping so take a listen on the soundcloud links below. And be sure to swoop up these fresh tunes while you’re at it.

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