In the midst of reaching out to producers to see if they were up to be poked and prodded by us a bit one of the groups I wanted to reach out to was California duo Candyland. These two have been behind all sorts of sounds so far; dropping tunes that range everywhere from crunchy dubstep, to trancey DnB, surp-sippin’ trap, and everywhere in between. To my surprise Josie or Ethan (I’m not quite sure which one) emailed me back before the end of the day. We were glad that the two expressed an interest at the opportunity to be asked a couple questions and a few days later look what we have for you guys! A little peak at what this guy and girl duo have in store for us and a glimpse at how their music truly comes about. Thanks again to Josie and Ethan for giving us their time, we look forward to seeing some sweet tunes from them in the future (especially that album they mentioned)!

TD: We’ll start this off like we usually do, pretty basic; tell us a little about yourself guys.

Josie: Black girl and a white boy who love to make music.
Ethan: Yeah that. And we love Jesus.

TD: How did you two wind up getting into the music scene in the first place?

Josie: My first DJ gig was his 17th birthday party and we met from there and he started as my drummer for my DJing but then we formed a group and he began to DJ with me.
Ethan: Yeah she got me into EDM. Eventually I started producing and Candyland was born.

TD: Did either of you dabble in solo production before teaming up?

Josie: I started solo, was solo for like a month haha.
Ethan: Well I do all the production and Josie makes all the mixes and does promo and album art. So were solo in those aspects but we work together as a team.

TD: What kind of musical influences pushed you in the direction that led to you making the kind of tunes you do today?

Josie: My mom brought be up on Nirvana and Lauyrn Hill and stuff like that and I kinda formed a weird taste in music. I discovered DJ AM in high school and that changed everything.
Ethan: Pffffff….everything really. From the Beatles to Incubus to Sinatra and Disney. It’s ridiculous.

TD: What would you say is your guys’ goal ultimately when pushing out these tunes and sharing them with the web?

Josie: To share our love with the world! haha and to hopefully make a living and be able to do this as a career.
Ethan: Yeah I would love to make this a living. I believe God gave me a gift to make music and I want to use it to glorify Him. I really just want an avenue where I can love God and love others really tangibly and effectively.

TD: I know you guys are young producers, but you’ve been at it for a little while now. Can we expect another larger release from you guys anytime in the near future?

Josie: Finishing up our album “Bring The Rain” right now. Should be out in the next 3 months hopefully.
Ethan: 7 Songs (:

TD: Do either of you have a preference between producing your own music and remixing a song made by another artist?

Ethan: I think there is a lot of freedom making your own tracks but with that freedom comes a challenge. If you’re starting totally from scratch you can get writers block pretty easily but if you have stems to work with, sometimes things go a little quicker and smoother.

TD: Any artists in particular that you enjoy working with?

Josie: Big Chocolate has been our buddy for sometime now he’s super awesome to work with!
Ethan: Yeah can’t forget Bombs Away either.

TD: If you had the chance to work with one producer on a track with whom would that be?

Josie: Knife Party
Ethan: Noisia. The only problem is anything I put into the track would probably ruin it.

TD: This has become a pretty standard question of ours, what kind of equipment/software do you sit down with to produce in the studio? What about in a live show setting?

Ethan: Ableton and Serato. The essential tools haha.

TD: Ever think about what you might be doing if you weren’t producing music?

Josie: I’d be in Italy going to cooking school or something hahah.
Ethan: I’d be studying for a degree in business, and I would probably be studying to become a lay-pastor too.

TD: When you aren’t making beats like madmen/women, what are a couple things you might be found doing in your spare time?

Josie: We have our blog/official website that we are always working on. Soon to be the home of our label. So when were not doing Candyland stuff were working on that haha.
Ethan: The Sweet Shop and loving on people. I love going and hanging out with homeless people. I also help out at church leading worship music and stuff.

TD: I’m always a little curious, when you’re just kicking back and lounging who are a few producers you might toss on?

Josie: I listen to a lot of M83 I’m not sure if that counts. But them and Knife Party, anything that pops up in shuffle haha idk i listen to EDM pretty much all day idk where I’d start.
Ethan: If I want to appreciate production: Noisia, Skrillex, Knife Party, Koan Sound, Porter, Zedd, SHM, Mako, and lots more. I love acoustic music and worship music. United Pursuit Band is one of the best.

TD: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, any last words for those people out there on the interweb?

Josie: Peace and blessings, peace and blessings!
Ethan: Romans 8:37-39

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