Scion AV kills it.  They take nearly every genre of music from EDM to death metal and release free EP’s and compilations all the time.  12th Planet has gotten a release, there was a moombahton compilation, Treasure Fingers, Skream & Benga, the list goes on.  Well, every time I hear about a new release coming through Scion AV I’m always stoked because it is always top notch.  Today we have Flinch’s newest EP, Underwater.  This five track EP contains 3 originals, one remix from Bare and a collar track with AC Slater.  I’d have to say, “Moonlight” with AC Slater might be my favorite track, but everyone of them has something different for every taste.

Download: Underwater – Flinch

Download: Underwater (Bare remix) – Flinch

Download: Moonlight – Flinch & AC Slater

Download: DNYL – Flinch

Download: Waiting For You – Flinch

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