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Until fairly recently, Monsta has been, well, pretty unknown (and may still be), but they are the future of OWSLA.  Skrillex was introduced the trio’s “Holdin’ On” track by his manager, and since then they’ve been on a roller-coaster ride through the EDM world.  Their style is different from what I’m used to, and this debut track resonates with everyone somewhere in their subconscious.  Since we all have something that we hold on to; whether it be a dream, a part of the past, a photo, hope; its quite impossible to not be consumed by the perpetuating synths, drums, and the powerfully androgynous vocals that could easily be mistaken for Diana Ross in this track.  It’s a refreshing break from the mainstream stuff that we’re used to now-a-days where one track resembles the next and so on, but I don’t think I could ever be bored with the diverse sound and inspirational capabilities that Monsta bring to the table.

Listen: Holdin On – Monsta

Listen: Messiah – Monsta

Monsta on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud



Although the Windy city may be the birthplace of House music, Soundkeepers has been churning out progressive house tracks and keeping New York up to speed.  Drawing boatloads of attention from winning the coveted Ultra Music Fest’s Remix Contest, Soundkeepers sets himself apart from the rest by dabbling in a bit of everything and not limiting himself to one particular sound or groove.  In the forthcoming “Who You Are”, Soundkeepers melodically mixes high electro stabs with deep dub growls and bass sounds.  He is accompanied by the orchestral voice of Ellen Winter, and is quite reminiscent of the now classic early 90’s house tracks, which to me floods memories from the past decade to mind.  With the remix track under his belt and released through Dim Mak, this Gotham producer is in full swing working on an EP that we’re anxiously awaiting to present to you, so stay tuned for this promising project coming soon.

Listen: Who You Are (ft. Ellen Winter) [Preview] – Soundkeepers

Listen: Tabard Inn (Original Mix) – Soundkeepers

Soundkeepers on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Danny Avila


Having had the pleasure of living in the Iberic nation for half a decade, I feel its only right to introduce one of my favorites from my life there, so I present Danny Avila.  When I lived there, I used to tune in weekly via radio to a broadcast from Madrid to hear this teenager spin a residency that you would have thought came from a seasoned vet with twenty years or more in the game.  Not only has his talent reached millions of ears in Europe via radiowaves, but also huge names like Tiesto, Martin Solveig, and Afrojack (to name a few).  The amazing track selection and capability to control a live crowd’s mood flawlessly as a DJ has transformed seamlessly into impeccable original productions that will be released very soon.  It’s amazing how such a young and often mistaken for Beiber kid can transmit such powerful and positive energy into his listener’s hearts and minds.

Danny Avila on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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