Alright so I’m not one to put up all that much hip hop but today I wanted to show some love to a homie from back in NY. Tafa ‘T-Shyne’ Peters has been making tracks for a minute now and it wasn’t been until just yesterday that he dropped his first album. But Saturday’s a weird day for an album drop right? T-Shyne decided it would only be right if the album appropriately entitled ’21 Years Later’ indeed dropped on the 21st of the month. So here we are, 21 years later from the birth of T-Shyne, and we are gifted with a chilled out 14 track LP for FREE. T-Shyne really rallied up the troops on this one, with appearances from Smoke DZA, Devon Blades, Freck Billionaire, Perrion, and Slim Dollars to name a few. Anyways, twist up a fatty, kick it back this Sunday afternoon and see what T-Shyne has up his sleeves for ya’ll.


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01. 21 Years Later (Prod. By Taz Taylor)
02. Smoke One (Prod. Taz Taylor)
03. Don’t Snooze (Prod. By Taz Taylor)
04. I Don’t Wanna (Prod. By Audio Gold)
05. Time Flyes Feat. Perrion & Slim Dollars (Prod. By Crudo Means Raw)
06. Bang! (Prod. By Taz Taylor)
07. I Gotta Feat. Sam Siegel (Prod. By Taz Taylor)
08. Oh Lord Feat. Devon Blades (Prod. By Crudo Means Raw)
09. Nature Boy Feat. Smoke Dza (Prod. By Taz Taylor)
10. Raw (Prod. By Crudo Means Raw)
11. Slumber Party Feat. Freck Billionaire (Prod. By Audio Gold)
12. Leaning Lo’ (Prod. FanonBMaker)
13. I Really Like You Feat. Vin (Prod. By Taz Taylor)
14. Feel Me/ F**k T-Shyne (Prod. By Crudo Means Raw)


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