A music bloggers computer is as sacred to them as Native American’s rituals, a blind person’s walking stick, or a cow in India; we treat these objects as if they were an apendage, so crucial at more times then not in our everyday lives. Depending on how one uses said device, there’s a certain art in reporting our love of music to whoever will take the time to read and listen to what we have say. For those who’ve laid eyes on my sticker-adorned Apple product, one see’s that my workspace is organized in a manner that allows me to cycle through a number of channels in hopes of hearing the next best thing to grace the world of music before other outlets can break the numbered bpm’s to the viral world. One would think this task can be performed with relative ease since a blogger can obtain an infinite number of new tracks by logging into their email, soundcloud, dropbox, twitter, hulkshare, voicemail, and personal facebook accounts throughout a day, but the contributors who work for The Dankles pride themselves in showcasing what WE believe is the best of whats out there that peak their particular audible senses.

Around the time when our country celebrates a day devoted to dressing oneself in any shade of green while testing the boundaries of how much alcohol can be consumed in a 24 hour period, two well-established individuals in their own right unveiled a new sound over British airwaves that had fans from two separate music genre’s talking at great length on what was showcased. Combining certain elements from hip-hop and bass-heavy beats that shared dubstep similarities, Hudson Mohawke and Lunice presented a completely different take on trap music with a track titled Bugg’N while announcing an album that would be named after their collab project called TNGHT.

Not much had come out from either camps since the initial premiere and the music world was thrown into playing the waiting game as the July 23 album release date stuck in the minds of all those who felt a game changer was quite possibly on the horizon. Since spring, we’ve witnessed a new evolution in electronic music take place on parallel levels to when dubstep took over the world and with The Summer of Trap hitting its midway point, it was quite refreshing when TNGHT name was brought back into focus last week when they stopped by the Diplo & Friends BBC1 radio show to lay down a mix featuring material off the debut album.

As the press machine began to turn, Lunice and Hudson began to delve deep into what brought about the formidable partnership and discussed the objective behind the project through exclusive media sources; all while continuing to proclaim that what they’d be offering is a sound unlike anything heard before. As the release drew closer, my inbox was given an almighty gift when the 5 track EP entered its capacity with a note asking to provide any thoughts.

Amounting to less then a TV show without commercial interruptions, Top Floor’s “Enter the Dragon’ like composition provides a perfect introduction; but this dojo enforces the use of chime synths and bass hits that would put Bruce Lee on his backside permanently. Goooo continues the onslaught with a touch of drums added to the mix before Higher Ground takes the claim as the climax track to throw everything including the kitchen sink at your ears. Bugg’N simply reminds us what had us hooked from the very beginning; baby coo’s have never been so catchy since the days of Timberland. For their finale, Easy Easy does the exact opposite of its name by driving thunderous strikes of wobbles as a last ditch effort to leave you wanting more.

Have TNGHT produced a sound that differs greatly from the likes of what we’ve heard over the last few months or is this yet another example of how trap music is infiltrating the scene by every Tom, Dick, and Harry who thinks they can claim the title as the leader of movement? The decision is for you to decide, but what’s certain is this won’t be the last time TNGHT will be making an appearance on our site and now we enter the waiting game once again until their next release. Enjoy mes Amis

Listen: Top Floor
[audio http://dl.soundowl.com/3tlf.mp3]

Listen: Goooo
[audio http://dl.soundowl.com/3tle.mp3]

Listen: Higher Ground
[audio http://dl.soundowl.com/3tlh.mp3]

Listen: Bugg’N
[audio http://dl.soundowl.com/3tli.mp3]

Listen: Easy Easy
[audio http://dl.soundowl.com/3tlg.mp3]


Listen: R U Ready (Radio rip)
[audio http://dl.soundowl.com/3tld.mp3]

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