The day we’ve all been impatiently waiting is here!  JWLS has released in full his Bashin’ EP which features the title track and “Lagrimas” as well as an additional remix bonus by Nadastrom.  The Miami native is one of our favorite producers to follow as his production talent has taken his career on a high speed journey upward.  For such a young guy, JWLS has already accomplished a lot with EDM and has touched on most facets of the umbrella from moombahton to house and trap and everything in between.  Yet he has raised the bar on his own standards with this new release, especially with Lagrimas.  The more tranquil vibe of the track (although maintaining a fun energy) draws me in with the spellbinding vocals and leads that could distract your mind from just about anything.  Out via DiablumaSound, you can listen to the sampler below but to add the entire tracks to your library, hit the link, you’ll be happy you did.

Listen : Bashin’ EP [Sampler] – JWLS

Released in Full via DiablumaSound (click here)

JWLS on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud


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