Curt Heiny and Justin Aubuchon are true musicians. Their work evolves, builds, morphs, it has character and passion. It’s electro, funk, soul, jazz, blues, and hip-hop all wrapped up in a comforting, consistent energy. They’re not afraid to use a bit of wobble either. Only if it fuels the track in the direction it’s already heading, though. Most of all, they’re precise. So now that you know what these two can bring to the table, let’s do some explaining. If you’re unaware, they make up Archnemesis, a new(ish) electro crew who have been tearing it up via opening gigs, festivals, co-headliners, and solo shows alike for the past year or so. They’ve got an EP, Diamonds and Glass, and an LP, People’s Radio, and a new one on the way. This joint, the ominous “Every Man For Himself,” which draws audible influences from the Pretty Lights Music cohorts, is the title track. It’s yours below.

Download: Every Man For Himself – Archnemesis


Download: Back On Top – Archnemesis

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