For the past few months, we’ve heard whispers from NYC to LA about a project titled Sin Label but couldn’t find out what in Gods green earth the company was all about with details locked up tighter then a ticks ass. Now that a site has finally been produced, the members have decided to let us in on some of the mystery surrounding the project.

Sin Label is a website and mobile app that will be operate as a live music tool; by “cultivating the democracy of sound,” they will be giving fans, artists, and members of the industry unprecedented access into the pulse of ANY musical movement out there.

  • For Fans: Sin Label is a way to create and develop their musical identity.
  • For Artists: Sin Label provides a fresh way to drive their success in any direction they please. Artists can discover and grow their fan base, build their own events, and manage themselves all in one place.
  • For members of the industry: it’s is quite simply a game changer, but these details remain G-14 classified until the full site launches at the end of the summer.

Look for Sin Label to have quite the promotional presence at the remaining shows and festivals of the summer. Also, they will be throwing one all mighty banger launch event in the fall!

Until then, sign up at and like them on Facebook. They promise only to send out one email, containing your invite to their full site and to their launch event.

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