Yes, yes the trap storm has officially taken over the EDM world.  So, I’ve heard from more than one source that trap is popular for many reasons, but its popularity can reach far beyond the southern rap scene because of its lack of lyrics, which make it resonate with a much wider demographic than ever before.  There’s some truth to this theory, I suppose, but what I look for in a genre, is someone who can take the fad or the new sound and make it something completely unexpected and out of the “formula” that oversaturates so fast.  With his new EP release, Smile for Camera artist and Sunshine state native Big Makk takes trap beyond the borders of what defines trap.  Especially in “Children of the Trap”, my preferred track off the EP, Makk downplays overpowering 808 drums and heavy synths and showcases more tranquil piano and glitchy sounds that soothe the soul rather than make you impulsively juke from side to side like a run-of-the-mill trap track might.  Enjoy the fresh side of trap brought to you by Makk.

Download: Children of the TRVP – Big Makk

Download : Fuck That Rap Shit – Big Makk

Download : Deep Is What You Need (BIG MAKK TRVP REMIX) – Smash & Grab

Download : The Jungle – Big Makk

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