Work! Work! Work! Work! This is a brand new track from Brooklyn’s Brenmar and Newark, NJ’s DJ Sliink. Work! Work! Work! Work!  It dropped on Los Angeles’ quickly rising label, Body High. Yeah, you know I got that work!  Body High’s co-owner Samo Sound Boy told Noisey, “Honestly, this is the kind of thing we built the label for… I am seriously excited about the potential for more collaborations.” Bait! Bait! Bait! Bait!  It won’t take you long to hear why Samo Sound Boy was so excited about this. Bait! Bait! Bait! Bait!  It’s a hyperactive dance/juke tune that swirls with exploding samples. Just listen, you’ll understand. Yeah, you know I got that work!  Here’s hoping for more collaborations between the two.

Download: Bait – Brenmar & DJ Sliink

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