SexyTime is one of those groups everyone needs to go out and experience at least once (and then over and over again). I was one of the lucky attendees of their album release party in Denver this past April, and they had Cervantes wylin out. For those of you living under a rock, West coast producer Mimosa has teamed up with East coast Sleepyhead. The two mesh to create a trillwave/sexyswag/trap super group. Their set had been the hyphiest I’d seen from either producer to date, and it really proved  the  force that ‘Trap’ would become in EDM to me. Here we are, 3 months later, and look where electronic dance music is. Not to say these two were the first to do it, but they certainly didn’t hop on any bandwagon. Today, I get to bring you a remix by Vinnie Maniscalco whose past 3 tunes have made it on our site in one form or another. This CO producer certainly hasn’t been disappointing recently, and with a swagged out remix of an already great song, he’s gotten himself another post. Check out this dope remix, and get your sexyswag on.

Download: Lost In Translation (Vinnie Maniscalco remix) – SexyTime


Download: Memecast – SexyTime


Fire – Sexytime
Holla Like Whoa! – Sleepyhead
Day & Night (Mimosa remix) – Kid Cudi
Take You There (Sleepyhead thizzle refix) – Sean Kingston
Club Steppin – Sexytime
Freeway – Sexytime
I’m A Flirt (Sleepyhead Remix) – R.Kelly
Dirty Diamonds – Eprom + Sleepyhead > Twista Accapella
Superbad (Mimosa Remix) – Sofia Fresh
Forgot About Dre. W/ Nelly Furtado (Mimosa Remix) – Dr.Dre


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