I’ve recently found myself missing my home and friends in the great state of Colorado, and have been a slighty scene about it. To cope, the past few weeks I’ve been bumping the most relaxing and beautiful ambient beats I could find. I figured I’d come here to share them with you this evening. Label Brainfeeder’s Lapalux is an incredibly talented artist, who creates some of the most pleasant soundscapes I’ve ever heard. The featured track is an amazing recreation of “Luxurious” by Gwen Stefani. Not only that but I’ve brought to you three of my favorite tracks that are in a similar vein. Please, take these as a gift from me to you, and play these as spirit raisers, something to smoke out to, or just snooze to. You choose, but I guarantee you’ll be able to find the beauty in these tracks. Enjoy the title song and the bonuses provided below, and have an awesome night!

Download: Luxurios (Lapalux bootleg remix) – Gwen Stefani

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Download: There Are Monsters in This Bed – Lapalux

Download: Hard In Tha Paint (Shlohmo remix) – Waka Flocka Flame

Download: Gone – Lapalux

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