Q:  Hey Ana, thanks for time to talk to us and let us get to know you a bit more.  Let’s start out with some basics; full name, age and current location?

A: Ana Sia, 34, San Francisco

Q:  We know you’ve moved around quite a bit between growing up in Minnesota and having lived in NY, Hawaii and now in Cali.  How have these different locations/stages of your life contributed to your current musical preference/taste?

A: my environment directly effects my entire life but i’m pretty certain that an inescapable reply for everybody. being on the west coast is the most prominent influence, because of the artists & my crew & their similar expeditions through life to be here. SF is a bit of a melting pot, the same as NY, so the diversity & momentum to get moving & stay cutting edge have been the lessons from these location. Hawaii gave me the courage & freedom to explore myself & creativity, & growing up in the Midwest provided a humble upbringing & staying true to what i know & love, not just settling on the fancy trends in popular music.

Q:  What musical instruments did you play growing up?

A: i began piano at age 5, viola & double french horn came a little later. i’m going to say it… i loved band! but honestly, without the training of classical music & the comfort of an instrument, i am pretty certain my music career would not be where it is now.

Q:  You were a dancer when you were younger, correct? (tap, etc.)  How does this background in dance connect with your current sound in production?  Do you use dancers in your live sets ever?

A:  i was, a bunch of different styles & technique. loving movement & appreciating as an art has given me a better appreciation of music. i see dance as a physical interpretation & expression of rhythm & emotion as music is it’s symbiotic partner handling all the internal ones. i haven’t used dancers for a live show; i’d rather people be moving themselves alongside each other, with me, & taking the focus off of the stage.

Q:  Tell us a bit about your label “Frite Nite”.  Did you begin it with the original intent to distribute your own music or do you have a different mission statement with the label?  Can you tell us a bit about the artists that are represented by your label?

A:  Salva began the label a while back, I’ve only recently joined the club in the last few years. individually, our crew & label mates all have our own unique sound that run the full spectrum of music, often completely opposite one another, but we all vibe so well with each other & geek out on music in the same ways & have an open mind to experiencing nearly anything musically. we are unified by our love for it all so when we get together & co-lab or play shows together, it’s fun & not the same sounds all night. the crew is so crucial!

Q:  What does your studio set up look like?  What kind of software do you use to produce?

A: I have an iMac, a set of KRK Rockit 8 speakers & an 8″ sub, an Akai midi keyboard, & a lovely retro synth called the Juno 106.

Q:  What is your “go to” track for a live event to get things pumping?  Is there one particular track that makes it into every one of your live sets?

A:  That changes all the time but currently, it’s our latest single by Comma, titled “Twegionaire”. it’s so killer, all haunting & saturated with 808’s. this or it’s remix is a must play right now.

Q:  In such a male dominated community, you are one of very few females in our EDM world.  How do you distinguish your sound so that it’s not held under the shadow of the stereotypes against female producers in the scene?

A: I don’t know of or recognize or play to or try to play against any sort of stereotypes in ANY scene, whether it’s music or any other things i’m good at or what to do in life.  Yes I’m a lady, but if any one person let’s things like stereotypes or competition of sex be a barrier or conviction to do any one action, I think they’re blowing it as a human.  I’m not fascinated by my sex or anyone’s for that matter, why should anyone else be…?

Q:  What are your passions and interest outside of musical production and touring for live shows?

A: Simple things; health, making meals, staying active, raising my kitty, putting love & care into my relationships, traveling to obscure Asian places..

Q:  Besides deep drum work, what would you say is your “signature sound” that people would recognize you by?

A: The sound that just dances in-between genre’s.

Q:  Now that electronically produced music is making its way very quickly into the “mainstream”, do you think it is becoming oversaturated with producers who are in the game for the wrong reasons?

A: Wrong reasons? what like fame & $? if that’s what you’re referencing…I say good luck to them because it’s difficult to get to that sort of mega-status & maintain a career/life doing it. I’m never going to say to anyone to not make art/music.  I will say that I hope that their taste & desire to make GOOD art/music improves.  Same goes for me.


Q:  Favorite track at the moment?

A: Changes (Shlomo remix) – LOL BOYS

Q:  Besides because we at The Dankles would recommend seeing you live to any of our readers, what makes attending one of your live sets a special experience in your opinion?

A: It’s always a surprise & a ride in sound.

Q:  After your “Surreal Estate” project, what can we expect from you in the latter part of 2012, any big releases or tour plans?

A: I’ve some singles i’m working on & teaming up w/ Frite Nite crew to infiltrate towns everywhere.

Q:  Who would be your dream collaboration; dead, alive or imaginary?

A: Prince

Q:  Anything that we haven’t mentioned that you’d like to tell us about?  Any shout outs?

A: Shout out to the fans & ones that attend the shows. that’s where the real magics at… breathing, creating, & experiencing in numbers!

Catch Ana Sia, Michal Menert, Eliot Lipp and more at RIVER BEATS II, a festival in Bond, Colorado at State Bridge!  This 21+ event is a great small sized music festival and features camping and music all night long!  Dates: July 27-28th.

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