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Wankelmut is a rare breed of producers, and he draws my attention immediately because of his interpretation of techno-house, which to me seems like the forgotten branch of electronic music.  Most people think of techno and consider it dead along with the fist pumps and “untz-untz” tendencies of the past.  Yet Wankelmut puts a much needed fresh and disco-esque spin on top of some raw tech-house drums and melodies.  It’s great to see techno music move past monotonous and annoyingly repetitive loops that make you want to press NEXT on the playlist, and we’re interested to see what this newcomer to the scene will introduce in the near future.

Listen : Underneath the Balance (Wankelmut Remix) – In Golden Tears

Listen: Monuments – Wankelmut

Wankelmut on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Cubic Zirconia 


Cubic Zirconia is quite the powerhouse meeting of forces.  They are nothing new to the scene, but most aren’t familiar with their work.  The eclectic trio out of New York City is one of those rare commodities that stands for more than just making beats.  If you watch the above video, its plain to see that their releases have deeper meaning that discover aspects of our human culture.  The deep bass and hypnotically fluid vocals of this track envelope my thought process when this track is on which proves a welcomed distraction from the static of daily to-do lists.

Cubic Zirconia on : Facebook | SoundCloud

Bronze Whale

I can’t stop listening to this version of “Leave the Lights On” brought to us by Bronze Whale, and for good reason.  It’s perfect for every occassion and it really encapsulates any interpretation of the title.  When you think about leaving the lights on, you may be missing someone, waiting for someone’s return to your side, or perhaps wanting to shed some light on a truth that is kept in the dark.  Whichever way you think of it, light is what provides all of us with life, and without it, we’d be lost, yet it seems so insignificant and it’s presence becomes forgotten.  This relaxed track with inspiring vocals (from Meiko) will catapult you into reflection mode, and ultimately leave you feeling inspired to shed more light into your life.  I’m excited to see how Bronze Whale develops as their remixes made massive waves in the EDM pool, so their original mixes (forthcoming) I hope will be nothing short of incredible.

Listen/Download : Leave the Lights On (Bronze Whale Remix) – Meiko

Listen : I Love Summer (Bronze Whale Remix) – Honey Claws

Bronze Whale on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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