When you think of the name Milo & Otis, certainly one thing comes to mind.  That dumbfounded pug and that ginger cat, but after listening to this track you’re not gonna be thinking about domesticated animals no more.  Milo & Otis are a combination of Killagraham & Nymz, two producers that found each other’s material really worked together.  In today’s new track it sounds like the duo are commenting on the trap game explosion and how really most of this material coming out is pretty unoriginal.  Maybe they are just going with the flow, either way I’m down with this track and you should be too!

Download: Goin Down (Milo & Otis Unoriginal mix) – Yung Joc


Download: Friendly City – Milo & Otis

Download: Siren – Milo & Otis

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