Soundcloud is legit as f*ck. I swear it’s like everyday that I can just casually meander across the always growing musical megabase that is Soundcloud. And not only do I find good musicc, I find awesome and innovative new Moombahton djs and producers from all around the world. It’s like an Eggahton hunt, with each egg containing something “dankles” and new eggs being thrown into the field every minute. So, as with the holiday, here are a few of the dank new booty-poppin’ tunes that I was able to find in the last few days. Let’s get it poppin’ yo.

:: Elonius ::

:: Chris Vasquez ::

Download : Jerpa (Chris Vasquez’s Jungle Fever Remix) – Botnek

:: Banginclude ::

Download : Bailalo Pures (Banginclude Remix) – Explosión Negra

:: BabySTEPS ::

Download : One Night (Original Mix) – BabySTEPS

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