UPDATE: deadmau5 updateed “There Might Be Coffee” late Monday night and reuploaded it to his SoundCloud. There’s no free download with this one, however, as he said the track might make it onto his new album. Listen to the latest version directly below via SoundCloud and download his first go at it farther down if you wish.

If you’re a fan of Joel Zimmerman, then you know there are a few incredibly unique traits which make deadmau5 the notorious, A-list producer that he is. For example, the mouse head: it basically defined the musician and his sound. The tattoos: not many are dedicated enough to ink Cthulhu down their arm. The sound: the man more or less took patient techno and raised it from its home in isolated dance clubs to a worldwide phenomenon. And, finally, the live steams, where he’s done everything from prank Skrillex, to composing an entire track, which is exactly what he did just the other night.

Producing it in just over 12 hours, Zimmerman put this joint, titled “There Might Be Coffee,” and which he said sounds a lot like Swedish House Mafia (not sure if I agree with him there), on SoundCloud for free download. He admitted it’s not his best and will have to return to it at another point for the finishing touches. Until then, you can download the slowly-evolving and oddly synth-y track below.

Oh, and just hours later, deadmau5 released “Unf*ck”, and track produced under the same circumstances but with an entirely different sound. (There’s aucoustic guitar. Yes…)

Download: There Might Be Coffee – deadmau5


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