A Denver local and our homies, Dan Scheidt, better known as Papa Skunk, just dropped his Summer 2012 mix with a total of nine unreleased tracks!  Papa Skunk killed it with his last remix of Blackstreet’s “No Diggity” and now he is here to show you what’s good with some Colorado crunk!  We sat down with Papa Skunk for a quick interview, read further to learn more about the DJ/producer!

Q:  First, we’d like to thank you for taking the time to talk with us!  Can you tell us a little about yourself?  Name, age, where you grew up and how you got your start making music?

Papa Skunk: My name is Dan Scheidt and I am 24 years old. I was born in Chicago, grew up in a suburb west of the city called Lombard. I started playing the guitar when I was in 6th grade but did not get into electronic music until I was in college. Making music on the computer has been my main musical expression ever since.

Q:  You’ve told me recently that you were looking to take your sound in a new direction.  You’ve got a great sound in all of your tracks but where are you trying to take your sound now?

 Papa Skunk: Mostly I will continue to evolve the sound I have now and focus more on mid tempo, 100-110 bpm. I really like those tempos and second half of my new mix show cases that. I think the production and quality of sounds is miles above where I was even a year ago. Basically I am going for dirtier while bringing in more of a funk and house music aspect. While not on tour I usually spend 30-40 hours a week in Logic making music, so I tend to have the ability to improve quickly and output a lot. 

Q:  Describe what it’s like making your way up in the Denver scene?  Why is Denver a great place for musicians?

 Papa Skunk: Denver is the place to be for bass music right now and is probably my favorite place to play. I think Cervantes is pretty essential to the Colorado bass music scene and has been a major help in creating what we have along with promoters. Denver is a great place for musicians because people help each other and work together. Everyone is collaborating all over the state and there does not seem to be much bad blood, if any, between artists. Coming up in a scene where people want each other to succeed makes everyone do their best work.

Q:  A lot of people will just remix what is popular or at least well known tunes; what makes a track stand out to you when you consider remixing it?

PAPA SKUNK: I try to pick tracks that no one else is remixing or I will just hear a song and immediately start planning in my head how it will go. The reason I did my most popular song “Sex and Candy” was because of a previous girlfriend used the song as her ring back tone. So after hearing it every time I called her and not being able to find a single decent remix of, I decided to do it myself. I happened to find a remix contest going on with Marcy Playground that they wanted you to pay to enter a “Sex and Candy” remix. The System of a Down remix was a total accident, I just happened to find an acapella for that song so I went for it. I am huge metal head so working in metal or rock songs cleverly is something I pride myself. I even have a Disturbed “Down With The Sickness” remix that I have only played 3 times I think. Hell, the other night I remixed Billy Joel “The Stranger” because I was drunk and wanted to remix a song that had someone whistling…so I am really all over the place.

Q:  What are Papa Skunk’s top five albums of all time?

 1. Metallica – Black Album
2. Umphrey’s McGee – Boulder Theater 7/4/2011
3. Dr. Dre – Chronic 2001
4. Daft Punk – Alive 2007
5. ZZ Top – Greatest Hits

Q:  Like we mentioned earlier, this new mix has nine unreleased tracks. When and where are we going to be able to find these tracks, and  what is in store for Papa Skunk for the rest of 2012?

 PAPA SKUNK: Well most of the tracks should be out in the next few months. My next EP is on Adapted Records and will feature “The Crown”, “Knife”, and “Loud Noises” along with remixes from Samples, AMB, and Alpha Data. So whenever the remixes are finished up, the EP will drop. “Whip It Out” will be out shortly on a Tycho Records compilation, not sure on the exact date of that one though. As for the pop/rock remixes, those will be out periodically throughout the next few months. I always try to keep some of those gems for my live sets for a while before release and the “What’s a Rave VIP,” well…..that probably won’t come out ever. 

The rest of 2012 is looking to be filled with a bunch of releases and touring. During October and November I will be doing a North American tour with Budapest glitch hop artist AMB. This dude straight crushes and is an incredibly talented producer. Check him out at http://soundcloud.com/amb if you don’t know about him already! If any promoters out there are interested in bringing this tour through, holler at me atDan@AudibleMusicGroup.com

Q:  Before we go, any last shout outs?

PAPA SKUNK: Shout out to AMG Music, The Mile High Sound Movement, Minds Matter, Grassroots California, Ray John and a bunch of other people I am probably forgetting because without my fans and the support of the people around me, there is no way I would be pursuing the dream and doing what I love!

Track listing:
1. Barrett Strong – Money (Papa Skunk Remix)*
2. Wala – The Rapture (Papa Skunk Remix)*
3. Papa Skunk – Whip This Out [Forthcoming on Tycho Records]*
4. Papa Skunk – What’s A Rave VIP*
5. Papa Skunk – Knife [Forthcoming on Adapted Records]*
6. Fisk – Ginsnap (Papa Skunk Remix) [Gruntworthy Records]
7. Kursa – Be Kind, Rewind (Papa Skunk Remix) [Adapted Records]
8. Papa Skunk – The Crown [Forthcoming on Adapted Records]*
9. System of a Down – BYOB (Papa Skunk Remix)*
10. Papa Skunk – Loud Noises [Forthcoming on Adapted Records]*
11. Robotic Pirate Monkey – More Noize (Papa Skunk Remix) [Free D/L]
12. The Eagles – Life In The Fast Lane (Papa Skunk Remix)*


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