The Dankles first and foremost is a site where you can not only find music, videos, interviews, and event info on the freshest musical artists out there today, but is also dedicated to spotlighting up and coming talent that we feel deserve a shout. Every Friday, we will be delivering our Fresh Pickn’s of the week with hopes that this start can help you spread your name. So please, if you, your friends, your neighbor, your local dealer, or your 7th grade Science teacher has any music they’ve created that you think we should put on the site; then please feel free to get at us via Facebook, Twitter, or email ( with your track(s) and links to your social media page(s) along with photo so we can give you a shout!

:: J Dubya ::

In this seemingly endless sea of producers dishing out tunes via cloudsound it can be hard to find those little gems (who are producers of course) tucked away in the comment bar of another track or lurking in someone else’s followers bar. Luckily enough for me I stumbled upon James Worsham a little while back and have a little reluctant to shed some light on him! So alas I figured I’d give you guys a couple tracks of his and see what ya’ll have to say about this young producer coming out of Detroit. Thankfully for you guys he loves to get his music out there for free so be sure to scoop up a tune or two if you like the vibes Mr. Dubya is crushin’ out lately! Oh and don’t be surprised if you see him in our Twerkin’ Trap Tuesday post sometime in the near future as well.

Exclusive Download: Purple Bass Sippin’

:: Be.Good ::

Having bases in multiple cities makes it hard to not have buddies either in the industry or at the very least starting to get their foot in the door! It seems like I’ve been talking to Johnny (be.Good) Mabie for awhile now about getting some of his material up on the site and I’m glad to finally be getting around to it! In the past few months we have seen all kinds of music from him. A lot of his music is bass powered and thus results in some raunchy funky riddims in all of the genres he has dipped his toes in so far. From talking with Johnny a little bit he has been giving trap music a little bit of a go and will even dropping an EP by the end of the summer. Any how, get a taste of what Be.Good has up his sleeves.

:: Cyril Hahn ::

Recently over here on my end at the Dankles I’ve been hooked on down tempo beats. From the likes of James Blake to the those newer and upcoming producers like Jaw Jam; my ears have been craving the melodic airy synth sweeps and clicking popping wood block sounds many producers sem to incorporate. Most recently this Swiss born producer caught the attention of my ears with his remixes of a couple classic songs from Mariah Carey and Destiny’s Child (which I will tack on below). Hopefully we will hear some more big things Hahn in the future, until then here’s a mix he just recently did for Forty Ounce Clothing Co. last week. Be sure to check out their site too for some fffreesshh ass threads as well as some other mixes they have!


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