When it comes to Chillwave or just great mellow electronic music, you’d be hard pressed to find many more artists that have a sound like Teen Daze.  The Vancouver producer has been making some of my favorite chill wave music for a minute now, and it doesn’t seem to be stoping anytime soon!  All Of Us, Together, the first full length from Teen Daze dropped earlier this year to great reception.  From then on Teen Daze has been releasing numerous originals and remixes along the way.  Today we have a Bon Iver remix that fits any situation perfectly.  Whether you’re hanging by the pool on a hot summer day or laying in the grass on a cool night this will fit as a perfect soundtrack.  Enjoy my friends!

Download: Perth (Teen Daze remix) – Bon Iver


Download: Even Though (Teen Daze remix) – Giraffage & XXYYXX

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