As a fisherman would say to his apprentice, “You can’t catch all the fish in the sea.” Well, the same goes for us here at The Dankles with music. Despite having authors on the watch around the clock to bring you fresh new music, there have still been a lot of tunes hat went under the radar, without a highlight on the site. A few of us decided we would post our favorite new and old dubstep tracks we’ve been listening to lately and spread as much of the grime as possible. We’d also like to test out the idea of grabbing a full time Soundcloud to create sets like this. Give us some feedback if you enjoy this layout. Let’s get it wobblin’ yo.

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~ Smokey
1.) Dutty Gal – Silent Code ft. Ragga Twins
2.) Helium (VIP) – Doctrine
Ripper (VIP) – AFK & The Frim
4.) Posted – Goldrush
5.) Gamma World – Bare
6.) Come to Die – The Mask
7.) Modern Conspiracy – Notixx
8.) Immaculate Perception (Protohype Remix) – 8-Ball ft. Waka Flocka & Yelawolf
9.) End of Time (Init Remix) – Beyonce
10.) Gundown – TRAMPA

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