@whoszed: congress theater was wild last night! what a sauna!

Truer words haven’t been spoken since Bassnectar came to town in April and we feel that Lorin might have told the duo that make up Zeds Dead the secret to turning Congress Theater into one almighty hotbox of fun. Before DC and Hooks took to chucking bass wobbles at their Lolla debut, they boys revisited a previous stomping ground to unleash hell on our ears at their official after show with Big Gigantic and Midnight Conspiracy. During the madness, a new track was thrown into the gauntlet which I’ll say is  bit of a side step from the usual dub-overload Zeds Dead is known for but a little drum and bass made for a pleasant break before the storm resumed. This is just a preview, so be sure to grab the mastered copy along with remixes from Zinc and Li’l Silva on August 20th. Enjoy mes Amis.

Listen: Household Goods (Zeds Dead Remix) – Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

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