I think The Dankles has said everything there is to say about Atlanta-based heRobust’s ability to blend whomping bass and intricate beat-making. He’s a master craftsman who, mark my words, will be trading punches with today’s biggest names in due time. Just you wait and see. If you needed any more convincing, look no further. Hayden Kramer treated us all to a spectacular surprise today with the release of a brand-new trap EP titled Rob & Hood.

It rips you in straight from the start with its title track, a cracking synth explosion which weaves the circling sample into a thudding bass so damn perfectly. It’s the highlight of the 5-track release, but sandwiched right in the middle of Rob & Hood is a whizzing joint that brilliantly repeats “I was into trap while you was on Myspace.”

So, I admittedly may be a little biased. The combination of bass and hip-hop gets me every time (too much of one is never a good thing). But if you’re like me, you already know what heRobust is capable of. Look no further than this phenomenal, spontaneous release. Plus, it’s called Rob & Hood. How cool is that? It’s yours below.

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