Last week was a bit emotional for me personally after finding out that I would no longer be trading in Chicago’s harsh winters and non-stop weekend action for 100° degree weather and Disney World trips with the Smile For Camera family at the last minute. I’d like to say thanks to all my friends, my family, each and everyone of The Dankles members, and most importantly my girlfriend Tyna for standing by me through it all. It just so happend that last week was when we found out that Major Lazers MUCH ANTICIPATED new album titled Free The Universe would be released on Nov 6th which is right before our crew takes a special vacation to see  Diplo, Jillionaire, and hopefully Switch play at Day Of the Dead in LA. This latest remix Major Lazer has put out is absolutely rachet x 1000 and you can expect more of the same to come out on the new album! Enjoy mes Amis

Listen: Settle Down (Major Lazer Remix) – No Doubt


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