Man have we been looking forward towards Trolley Snatcha’s next release! Ever since his gigantic track “Make My Whole World” we have been extremely eager to hear what Trolley Snatcha has been cooking up next, but lo and behold, the wait is over!  Scion A/V Presents has decided featured the dubstep maniac on his newest 5 song EP, and man if you could only see our faces riddled with grime and deepened appreciation when we first heard the new releases. His approaches to each song are unique and creative each to themselves, and the range of sounds and styles he uses in each song is truly remarkable, whether it be in a Bar 9-esque dark and drum-filled groove similar to “Dry Crumpet”, or in a hip-hop shuffle filled with gutteral interludes like in “Lock & Load (ft. Foreign Beggars)”, or even in a full on tsunami of bass and melodic wobble synths like those in “Disco Stick Rock & Roll”. So, look no further for your free download of Trolley Snatcha’s latest release via Scion A/V and get the F*CK down to some grime!

Check out this video of Trolley Snatcha’s 2012 Summer Tour Promo and see if he’s coming to your town!

Download : Disco Stick Rock & Roll – Trolley Snatcha

Download : You 4 Ria ft. Subscape – Trolley Snatcha

Download : 44 – Trolley Snatcha

Download : Dry Crumpet – Trolley Snatcha

Lock & Load feat. Foreign Beggars – Trolley Snatcha

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