Rottun Records producers Dirt Monkey and Jantsen have done it big with this one! The introduction is phenomenal – when you’re “in the mood” everything seems like its going good… until BAM some ridiculous heavy dubstep hits you in the face and leaves you wylin’ out harder than you ever thought you could to some WWII era pop song. These guys work so well together, as their signature rubberband-like bass tones stretch from left to right all the way until the wobble stretches too far and unleashes the lasers zipping through the air… And let’s be real here; who doesn’t f*ck with lasers?? In any case, peep this preview to Dirt Monkey and Jantsen’s newest tune “In The Mood” and break out those twists and shouts!

Listen : In The Mood – Dirt Monkey & Jantsen

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