Holy cow was this a surprise! Lorin Aston, or his moniker Bassnectar, has become a household name amongst electronic music fans across the world, and it is for reasons like this new banger that he is such a massive figure in the EDM scene. We collectively at The Dankles have seen this man perform countless times this year, and it wasn’t until quite recently that he began incorporating this thuggin’ new bass tune into his sets. You can probably imagine its impact on the first time listeners: the always heavy hip-hop vocals leading into the well-expected yet surprisingly massive combustion in bass and grime noise… Truly a Bassnectar classic. I’ll leave you to your devices in the quality of his newest VIP remix, but it is needless to say that this song needs some support to its weight, so turn those speakers up and get GRIMEY yo!

Download : My Selekta (Bassnectar VIP) – 6Blocc

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