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Oliver Schories

So, today I’m having a bit of an international itch, and I thought I’d bring to the table sounds and people that most haven’t heard of on our side of the pond.  Oliver Schories is a Hamburg, Deutschland (Germany) native, who has one of the most infectious styles that I have ever witnessed in the tech-house umbrella of our EDM world.  Forget the fist-pumping and ridiculously repetitive/annoying sounds that most get “untz-untz-ed” out of so quickly, Schories shows us the sensitive and calmer side of tech-house.  Though sticking true to the techno formula (technique and production-wise), the vocals and smooth synths that are melted into each track are truly enveloping and mind-opening.

Listen : She Wants to Move (Oliver Schories Edit) – N.E.R.D

Listen : 1000 – Oliver Schories

Oliver Schories on : Facebook | SoundCloud


Megastrom is another giant from Germany, a trio of dapper-dressed producers with boatloads of experience.  They are finally making splashes in our pond though, climbing the charts recently in Beatport with their latest tracks.  Megastrom can not be defined or forced into one genre, as they truly have dabbled in everything from disco to garage beats, dubstep, and anything in between.  The reason I love Megastrom is simple, my Dad.  My father is one of these older classic rock kinda guys, who doesn’t much care for the electronically produced music that I hold so dear to my heart.  This all changed one day when a Megastrom track was playing on my cell phone on the counter, when I came back in the room, my Dad was full on grooving (ie. Elaine Benis dancing seizure style on Seinfeld-esque), and that was it, I was hooked.  Only true magical magicians can make a semi-out-of-touch elder get down so hard that he forgets his surroundings entirely.

Listen : Phonos – Megastrom

Listen : Amazing – Megastrom

Megastrom on : Facebook | SoundCloud

Late Nite Tuff Guy (LNTG)

I’ve had a really long and grueling week, like on the Oregon Trail when you have to ford a river walking and some of your cattle drowns, but there is one thing that is keeping me going; this “I Love Ya” work by Aussie Late Nite Tuff Guy.  His disco beats have that certain amount of endorphin releasing power that as soon as his tracks come through my speakers, my mood is immediately turned from a frown upside down.  Although most of his arsenal consists of reworked disco classics that everyone knows and love, his edits have become classic in their own right as he proves that he is quite the alchemist of dance music.  He does have original productions due to come out very soon, so it’ll be interesting to see how he creates from scratch.

Listen : Bless The Rains – LNTG

Listen : I Love Ya – LNTG

LNTG on : Facebook | SoundCloud

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