I must admit I was slightly disappointed with Robotic Pirate Monkey’s most recent release, Colors in Disguise, after the high standard they set with their first two remix albums that featured great remixes of songs like “I Came As a Rat” and “Jolene,” but their newest EP is here to remind me why I love them so much. After building up hype with the spectacular single off the HEAT.WAV, “Banana Cannon,” fans of the Boulder trio knew that RPM weren’t messing around with their newest songs- and after hearing the rest of the EP it’s safe to say that this is the best release we’ve seen from them thus far. While it doesn’t feature any remixes like previous releases, the eight original tracks do more than hold their own, featuring lots of glitch and funk influences, and plenty of samples and bass to keep the listener’s attention from start to finish and make for a great summer release.

Download: HEAT.WAV – Robotic Pirate Monkey

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