Over here at the Dankles we’re constantly trying to reach out to artists doing their thing that maybe don’t get as much of the spotlight as other producers. Most recently we have chatted with Geek Boy, Papa Skunk, Juke Ellington, and +verb to name a few. Many of these artists emerge from different reaches of the internet and to our satisfaction most of them have been very excited to talk with us and expose a little bit about themselves to our viewers! In some cases we have even been lucky enough to get some exclusive material from them to further bolster these interview we have been dolling out to you guys. In this most recent session we got to chat a little with n0ms! This underground producer has picked up a pretty decent following via soundcloud and outlets of that sort. I wouldn’t be surprised if you have seen his name around before seen as he has already been featured on a ridiculous slew of blogs and a handful of compilations (you can check out the details on his soundcloud). Anyhow, if you don’t know him yet you will by the time you get to the bottom of the page! Thanks again to n0ms for chatting, making this one of the interview easiest to conduct, and giving us a chance to make some artwork for the tune he gave us.

TD: Plain and simple to start things rolling, can you tell us a little about yourself (Name, age, where you’re from, etc) to familiarize the unknowing viewers out there?

n0ms: My name is Fernando, I’m 21, and I’m from Boston, Mass,

TD: How long have you been producing? Were you looking to make it a full time thing when you started?

n0ms: I started producing a year ago, and spent a ton of time doing it cause I luv’d it so much haha. When I started I was just trying to learn as much as I could about producing and I just kept making music, not really worrying about making it full time and what not.

TD: Who are a few artists whose music urges you to keep doing what you’re doing?

n0ms: A few artists that keep me going, I’d say probably Flying Lotus, Lunice, Lil B, Sinjin Hawke, and homies that are doing their own thing and are doing big tings with it.

TD: If you could get together with one (or a few) artist to sit down and work out a track; who might that be?

n0ms: Hmmmm… probably with Tokimonsta. She’s all positive vibes and I’d learn a lot from her. 

TD: You dip your toes into a handful of different music styles, is there one in particular that you really enjoy crafting?

n0ms: Haha I mess with everything, but I have been feeling a lot of like hip hop/trip hop beats, especially with my latest tune I put on soundcloud, Midnight Snack. But again, I dont like sticking to one thing, so my next few releases will probably still be all over the place genre wise.

TD: Seeing that you’re from the Northeast, how is the kind of music you make accepted by crowds up there?

n0ms: Hahaha they don’t really know how to handle it since the bass scene is still a toddler in Boston, so when I do play shows here, everyone will for sure hear some things they never have. On another note I just played a few shows up in Montreal with BootyBakery, they trippy up there.

TD: On a different note, what could we find you occupying time with when you aren’t cruising through space in the studio?

n0ms: Haha at the moment I live in the suburbs, so there’s realllly nothing else to do here except crush out tunes haha. But I stay werking all the time, if im not making music, im talking to people about potential bookings or listening to music and gathering more inspiration or ideas for more music.

TD: Any last words for the people on the other side of the computer screen out there?

n0ms: Shout outs to The Dankles 4 dis #rare exclusive interview, The based god, and all my url fam. Big ups


Last time you were in the studio?
2 hours ago 

Last time you were at the zoo?
Like 5 months ago, no pandas tho :(

Last time you attended a show you didn’t play at?
A few weeks ago for Machinedrum, Obey City, Doctor Jeep show in Boston

Last time in an exotic country?
Like 3 years ago, visiting my family in Colombia

Last CD/vinyl you bought?
Bought this in chinatown in NYC…

might use it for sampling ahha

Last track you listened to?
Tokimonsta – Bready Soul

Last moment you were scared?
When I thought my laptop died, but in reality I was 2 drunk and the battery was just dead.

Last impressive music video you watched?
Disco Milk – Oh Super Milk Chan!


Last Movie you watched?
Shaun of the dead



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