God damn! This week is looking like it’s going to be jammed packed with releases. We just brought you a slew of new tunes yesterday but we decided to hold off on this and give it to you guys today. Scoin AV kills it once again with this latest release from the demon conjuring dubstep producer that goes by Bare. Though it was only last week Scion AV also gave us the freshest EP from Trolley Snatcha (which you can check out here) they are back at it again with this punch to the gut release from Bare. Per usual this Los Angeles producer packs his tracks full of ear shattering basslines and dark demonic samples that can only aid in shit absolutely hitting the fan. Take a listen to the tracks via Scion AV’s soundcloud below and then follow the link to their site to get each track fo’ free!


Get the entire EP here

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