It’s like Back to the Future in so many ways, reinvented, I’m referring to the FAMB EP release that just dropped a few days ago by Mr. Vega (half of  Sazon Booya) and DFace.  The two make quite the pair in many lights; as friends, and production partners, in live performances, etc.  They could almost resemble the infamous Doc and Marty, as in we don’t know who is crazier, the one who invents weird (but mindblowing) stuff, or the one who is trying to change the future’s happenings.  The same concept is here in the EP, as the two producers complement each other swimmingly.  The three track, upbeat electro/moombahton-esque compilation features some old school 80’s sounds mixed with the signature synths and heavy grind bass are impossible to not move to.  What really still has me puzzled is how the guys named each track and if there is any sort of hidden meaning to these titles; “FAMB, JAWA & SYAM”, but I guess that’s for them to know, and for us to find out.  Enjoy the free download!

Listen / Download : FAMB EP – Mr. Vega & DFace

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